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5 pc set 8 segment glide baits

5 pc set 8 segment glide baits
5 pack of 8 segmented glide baits life like swimming action with built in rattle 3D eyes Great color

PRICE: $24.95

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Fish Facts Vote which one you feel is true.
Goldfish can't close their eyes without eyelids. ? 
1 Puffer Fish has enough poison to kill 30 people ? 
A koi fish named 'Hanako' lived for 225 years. ? 
Fish can drown in water. ? 
Fish can see 70 times further in air than in water ? 
Fish in polluted lakes lose their sense of smell. ? 
Many fish can change sex during their lifespan. ? 
The goliath tigerfish can eat small crocodiles. ? 
There is a Jellyfish that could be immortal. ? 
There's a shark in Greenland that eats polar bears ? 

Around 10% of the world's total fish species can be found just within the Great Barrier Reef.
About a third of male fish in British rivers are changing sex due to pollution,
especially from contraceptive pills, a research found.
Fishing is an ancient practice that dates back to at least the beginning of the Upper Paleolithic period about 40,000 years ago. Isotopic analysis of the remains of Tianyuan man, a 40,000-year-old modern human from eastern Asia, has shown that he regularly consumed freshwater fish.
In three decades, the world's oceans will contain more discarded plastic than fish when measured by weight, researchers say.
As of 2020, there were 34,000 known fish species around world. That’s more than the number of species in all other vertebrates: birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians combined.
Whats in a name you ask?
If we’re going to be strict about it, jellyfish and starfish are not really fish because they don’t have a backbone. As a correction, many public aquariums are now using the terms “sea jellies” and “sea stars”.
Just how man species of fish are there?
As of 2020, there were 34,000 known fish species around world. That’s more than the number of species in all other vertebrates: birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians combined.
Even Catfish are finicky
Taste Buds ? Catfish have a more refined sense of flavor than humans. Our 10,000 taste buds may seem like a lot, but catfish can have as many as 175,000. This helps them find the exact location of their next meal.

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Panfish Jointed style hard bait

Panfish Jointed style hard bait
3 3/4 inch 3/4 ounce (20 gram) Panfish style 2 segment jointed hard bait casting or trolling

PRICE: $7.49

5 pc 1 1/2 inch crankbait assortment w/box (B)

5 pc 1 1/2 inch crankbait assortment w/box (B)
5 pcs 1 5/8 inch 4 grams crankbait assortment w/box

PRICE: $9.99

39960D 26/0 Tiger Tamer Hi carbon Steel non offset

39960D 26/0 Tiger Tamer Hi carbon Steel non offset
Lucky Joes Hi Carbon Steel duratin coated inline non offset 39960D 26/0 Big Game Circle hooks

PRICE: $6.99

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fishing wanted
 May 11, 2007; 12:07PM
 Category:  Fishing Tackle For Sale
 Name for Contacts:  Niall Kendall
 Phone:  07985411922
 Description:  if you want vintage fishing lures for pennys! which i know you will, email me at and i will send you all you need for them! many thanks!

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w i n n e r w i n n e r
Ladies Only Fishing Photo Contest
$50 worth of free fishing tackle for the photo with the most votes. Contest open to Ladies only.
Beverly (Baj...88Yellowfin Tuna
Beverly (Baj...88Yellowfin Tuna
Click the image for full story
Beverly (Bajabev)..., 44
This was my first 'kite' fish on my first 10-day long range trip. I...
786 vote(s)

fishing tips and tricks
 Aug 20, 2019; 09:28PM - Trout Id Chart
 Category:  Fish Identification Charts
 Author Name:  Steve Crilly
Trout Id Chart Tip&Trick Description 1: This Chart Id's species of trout

fishing boats and accessories
 Dec 9, 2007; 09:35PM - Custom Fit Boat Cover
 Category:  [other]
 Price:  Varies
 Name for Contacts:  Elite Outdoors
 State:  MO
 Country:  USA
Custom Fit Boat Cover Description 1: When only the best will do! A perfect fit: measured, tucked, darted and approved by Hurricane's own pattern and design craftsman. Vulnerable wear and stress points are double reinforced with an extra tough material sewn to the underside of the cover. An unbreakable 1/4' poly draw rope sewn with the perimeter hem enables the cover to be cinched tight to the hull. 1' poly loops are sewn around the perimeter of the cover to accept a Hurricane strap/buckle tie down kit, bungee cords, or rope ties for positive securing to the boat. Built tough to take the exposure and abuse that boat covers are exposed to when trailering, storing, or mooring.

Westland has over 16,000 Exact Fit Custom Cover patterns for over 200 different boat manufacturers. You will have your choice of 3 fabrics and over 30 colors.

To check to see if we have a custom cover pattern for your boat please Email Us your year - make - model - any accessories like towers, swim platforms, bow rails, radar archs, etc.

Custom Fit Boat Cover Description 2: Sharkskin color chart...also, available in Sunbrella

fishing reports
 Jul 26, 2004; 11:35AM - Cabo bite Report
 Category:  Mexico Cabo San Lucas
 Author Name:  George Landrum

Capt. George Landrum

Fly Hooker Sportfishing


WEATHER: The week was mostly cloudy every day and windy as well. That was not a bad thing as it kept us cool, and we did without the air conditioner this week. Our daytime highs were in the mid to high 90s while our night time lows were in the mid to high 70s. With all the clouds we thought that there was going to be a bit of rain here, but it looked as if it all dumped up in the mountains.

WATER: The week started with Warm water in the 84 degree range right in front of town, but as the week went on this water disappeared and as of now the warmest we have within 20 miles is 80 degrees. Up the coast on the Cortez side it gets to 85 degrees, up around Punta Gorda, and there are a couple of small spot where it reaches 82 degrees on the Gorda Banks, but other than that almost everything is in the 79-80 degree range. The water is nice and blue though! Surface conditions on the Pacific and offshore on the Cortez side have been a bit choppy in the afternoons as the wind picks up, but it has been fishable.

BAIT: Plenty of Caballito available at the normal $2, some Mullet at the same price and I heard that one of the bait boats had some Sardinas as well, and that they were pretty proud of them.


BILLFISH: Last weeks fishing was great for Billfish, but this weeks fishing definitely dropped off. Maybe it is the moon phase (the new moon was the 17th), maybe it is the water (temps dropped), but there were a lot of boats disappointed in the action this week. Of course there are always exceptions, and I did see a few boats come in with two or three Marlin flags flying. The fish that were found were in the warm water and that meant going at least 25 miles out and up on the Cortez side. Live bait worked well on the Striped Marlin that were found, with lures coming in a decidedly second place. Due to the water temps changing, the Blue Marlin were scarce unless you had the time and range to get up around the East Cape.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Footballs and small school fish were the catch this week for most of the boats. The best action was out around the 1150 spot in Porpoise schools and those fish were also the slightly larger ones, with most of the in the 25 pound class. Closer to home there were footballs found while trolling blind and the action could be fairly steady on them if you used small hootchies. Almost all of this action was on the Cortez side of the Cape.

DORADO: This week was almost a repeat of last week as far as action on the Dorado go. There was good fishing to be found not far from shore up around the Westin and Punta Gorda areas. The fish were averaging 15 pounds with a few big ones and a few small ones in there, and the boats that worked it were getting 3-6 fish per trip. Offshore there were larger fish, but fewer of them. Bright colored feathers and small Marlin lures worked well on the Dorado this week (as they do almost every week!).

WAHOO: I saw almost no Wahoo flags this week, and did not talk to anyone who had Wahoo strikes.

INSHORE: Dorado and small Tuna seemed to be the targeted species for the Pangas this week, but there was still some decent inshore action taking place for the boats targeting Roosterfish and Jack Crevalle. Roosterfish were averaging 15 pounds with a few really nice ones in the 30 pound class being caught as well, but there were more Jacks being found than Roosters, and they were a bit bigger on average as well! The bottom fishing was pretty much pick here, pick there kind of thing, with a little of everything and not a lot of any one species being caught.

NOTES: The fishing was a lot slower this week than last week, but the weather is starting to clear up so maybe the fishing will get better as well. Thanks to all of you who wrote to me about my music pick last week! I did not realize that so many of you read the notes section! The information I received helped me a lot as I learned that Harlow Wilcox from the album is not the same guy as the announcer from the late 30s and the Fibber and Molly McGee show. Not even related as far as I found out. Plus, the song Groovy Grubworm hit number 6 on the Cashbox top 40 in 1969. Thank you to all of you who helped me on this. This weeks report was written to the music of Phillip Glass on the 1986 release Songs from Liquid Days. Now you know I have an eclectic taste in music! Until next week, tight lines!


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