19 Sep 2013 - GORDO BANKS PANGAS San Jose del Cabo September 15, 2013
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 Author Name:  Eric Bricston
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San Jose del Cabo

September 15, 2013


Local weather has settled down this past week, this has given the area a
chance to dry out after all of the recent rainfall. The desert landscape
has transformed to a lush green color, days remain warm, with scattered
tropical cloud cover and high humidity. With each passing day we are
starting to feel a hint of fall in the air, particularly early morning.
There is now a low pressure system developing off of the Southern Mexico
mainland coast and we will be monitoring its progress closely, as this is
the time when the local environment is favorable for tropical storms to
form rapidly.

Crowds of tourists are light now, this is the time when family priorities
shift towards starting the new school year. It will be soon enough when the
busy fall fishing season is in full swing. For the anglers that are making
the trip they have enjoyed great fishing action in recent days. Most
consistent bite has been found on the areas north of Punta Gorda, from La
Fortuna to San Luis Bank, for yellowfin tuna and dorado. Ocean current has
been swift from the south, this has made any bottom fishing that much more
difficult. Water temperatures are in the 84 to 87 degree range, clear blue
conditions are found within a couple of miles from shore.

Squid has been the best bait for the yellowfin tuna, the giant squid are
being jigging up by the commercial fleet in dark hours and sold to charter
boats in the morning, there are also limited supplies of caballito, still
no sardinas available. Drift fishing with strips of squid on light tackle
has been the best bet for catching limits of yellowfin tuna, the fish were
now larger than in previous weeks, averaging 15 to 20 pounds. The larger
cow sized tuna that were starting to show up on the Gordo Banks have not
been active this past week, though surely they are still in the area, we
expect these cows to become more active soon.

Dorado schools have been spread throughout the area, found by trolling
lures and baitfish. The majority of the fish have been smaller sized,
though with patience anglers have been able to find some larger sized
dorado mixed in. Limit on these fish is two per license and the inspectors
are enforcing these regulations. Only a few wahoo being accounted for, they
become sluggish in the warmer water, we expect that these speedsters will
become more active as fall conditions transition in the coming weeks.

Billfish have slowed this past week out of San Jose del Cabo, only
scattered reports of mostly smaller sized striped marlin, surely there are
black and blue marlin lurking on the grounds, they just are not readily
striking lately, the way the conditions are anything could happen on any
given day.

No inshore action being reported, bottom action was limited to a handful of
amberjack, pargo and grouper, though no numbers to speak of, though a few
impressive fish were accounted for, amberjack up to 78 lb. and one grouper
over 100 pounds landed by a La Playita commercial pangero, current has been
relentless, hard to effectively drift fish the bottom structure when moving
so fast.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos
Marina sent out approximately 75 charters this past week with anglers
accounting for a fish count of: 3 striped marlin, 8 wahoo, 5 amberjack, 2
grouper, 16 red snapper, 300 black skipjack, 415 yellowfin tuna and 550
dorado (many released).

Good fishing, Eric

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